The epodium gallery presents contemporary art context-sensitive to New York or Munich/Germany.
Andreas Backoefer was a theater dramaturg and worked at a Bavarian State Museum. Andreas is a writer/scholar for contemporary art and the founder of the publishing company epodium. He writes articles, curates and teaches. He lives in Munich and New York and he knows the artists of the gallery often personally for a longer period and sometimes he collaborated with them as a curator. The chosen artworks for the gallery are reflecting his view on the artscene, which will be presented in exhibtions and online – curated by himself or guest curators. Most of the presented works are for sale.

epodium gallery was inaugurated in December 2013, with a seminal exhibition of works by Grimanesa Amorós and Roger Kausch.

The services of epodium include also the management of corporate collections and cultural events for public institutions.

Founder/Director: Dr. Andreas Backoefer

e-mail: a.backoefer@epodiumgallery.com

Press Contact: Elena Wölfle presse@epodiumgallery.com

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