barco, 2006
LENGTH: 14 min
Editions: 10

„no, I dont know – no see- por la noche, de la nuit – la mar e tres fort

los chicos, forty boy  – roben, contrario old-  joven cinquo años, seis años“
one boat – there was big wave – un barco grande – the people pay, they pay- due mille francs
juenes a la mode- todo biene, los hair colour – ouh!

this the boat at the beach have brocken because – viajeron – africa-  marrueco
cuartos – forty personas, person emigrante, emigrants, barco – si – piceño, small por la noche, the night

here mucho emigrantes a la busquo trabajo. africa here -the boats, big boat – after put in la aqua small boat brocken“

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