Video Trailer

Remolino, 2007
Single Channel Video DVD
Editions: 10


Growing up in Peru, I was fascinated by the diversity and dynamism of cities like New York, and have long envisioned a project that would explore and celebrate this „culture of differences.“ Remolino was inspired by the neighborhood of Jamaica, in Queens—one of the first places I lived in New York, and the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. This neighborhood was veritably born of a confluence of cultures. The concentration of many dissimilar ethnic lifestyles within a relatively small space gives birth to an environment of unique contrasts. This wave of diversity overwhelms and absorbs, but without threatening the integrity of individual cultures or people. The fusing, transforming, and scattering of these same faces forces the viewer to interrogate the nature of individuality, and how a shared identity can be forged out of dissimilarity.

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