Rendezvous, 2014
HD Video
Full Length: ca. 50 min (each loop 7 min)

The so-called “Mise en abyme” or Droste effect, which can be observed by standing between two parallel mirrors was the trigger to this work. In the videoloop, the viewer experience a simulated camera flight, through a world of reflection and illusion. Precise and abstract moments happening in a tranquil atmosphere.

The sound to the film is a cooperation with musicologists of the Ludwig-Maximilian University. The arrangement based on works of the american composer Christian Wolff. The experimental track was performed with the group „The Wolffgang“, in the Maximilians church in Munich, and embraces 7 versions á 7 minutes. In the approx. 50 min videoloop, each one is to be heard. The recipient combines the randomised sounds, an perciev them synchronous to the movement of the mirror.

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