Art Galleries Rethink Their Strategies as Art Fairs Proliferate

By ROBIN POGREBINvia The New York Times

In August 2015, Janine Foeller finally closed her gallery Wallspace, which she had started with Jane Hait 12 years before in Chelsea. “It was no longer sustainable,” Ms. Foeller said in a recent interview.

But she did not give up on the art world altogether. Instead, in September Ms. Foeller opened the Park Slope pop-up gallery and cafe Wifey with the artist and floral designer Simone Shubuck.

“The idea is to create a model that is more affordable and flexible and allows galleries to come and occupy a space for a designated period of time,” Ms. Foeller says. “There has to be a new way forward, and new models have to be investigated and explored because it’s just not working. We’ve seen too many of our colleagues having to close because of rent and other factors.”

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