epodium gallery presents Gregor Peschko


Gregor Peschko: Genua, 2015, Film

epodium gallery is now presenting the video works of Gregor Peschko.

“Genua“ is a film composed of self-made video recordings (boat trip),  found footage from the internet (swimming scenes) and a super 8 film with footage from the coastal area. Apart from the very associative storyline, the source of the material plays an important role. The image is accompanied by a collaged sound backdrop. The fictional combination of elements are related to an area between a social and subjective visual memory or rather to an oscillation in between.

The displayed atrium is located in the old guesthouse of the GDR´s council of ministers in Leipzig. During the 70s and 80s the building was used as an accommodation for foreign representatives and other guests of state. The building was isolated from the outside area by enormous safety precautions. This was in strong contrast to the hospitality the house stood for. The whole complex was surveilled and shielded by the Stasi. (State Security Service) High industrialized buildings around the complex served as bomb shields for potential attacks. On the inside a little enclave of western consume standards with Milka chocolate and Coca Cola was established in favor of SED officials and guests of state. For the citizens of Leipzig the events within the house remained non-transparent and secretive. The video loop was recorded inside of the guest house which is falling into ruin. Except for the light, almost invisible snowfall at the outside space of the atrium the picture in the interior is completely motionless. No sound.


London and New York forge ahead

Forget opening galleries in far-flung territories—globalisation is benefiting the traditional hubs
by Melanie Gerlis  |  14 October 2015
(via The Art Newspaper)


Global financial hubs: London and New York remain the go-to cities for the art world

Although international galleries have spent the past decade wooing collectors in far-flung countries, opening spaces in Asia in particular, the next set of moves will result in an even greater concentration of the market in its two traditional hubs: London and New York.

London’s White Cube (FL, D4) is looking for office space in New York to “service its international client base”, a spokeswoman for the gallery confirms. Peter Brandt, who was the co-director of its space in São Paulo until it closed in August, could soon be spending more time in Manhattan. The Paris- and Salzburg-based dealer Thaddaeus Ropac (FL, A5) is known to be looking for a space in London, having originally considered opening in Istanbul. The Cape Town- and Johannesburg-based dealer Liza Essers of Goodman Gallery (FL, A17; FM, G17) is also seeking a space in London. London-based Lisson Gallery (FL, B5; FM, E7) is due to open a huge space in New York next year, while Hauser & Wirth (FL, D6; FM, D1) plans to upgrade to a new five-storey building in New York in 2018.

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Grimanesa Amorós – PINK LOTUS, The Peninsula New York, Oct. 1 – Nov. 15, 2015


PINK LOTUS, a light sculpture installation by epodium artist Grimanesa Amorós installed on the The Peninsula New York landmark facade and as a part of “The Art of Pink” campaign, curated by Circa 1881 and sponsored by The Peninsula Hotels in honor of breast cancer awareness month. The work is on view from Oct. 1 to Nov. 15.

Limited edition PINK LOTUS tote bags can be purchased at The Peninsula New York. All proceeds will benefit SHARE, a nationwide community offering support, information and the benefit of experience to women diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers.

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