Emphasis is on the Americas at this year’s Art Basel in Miami Beach

2015 edition has more art from the Midwest to Mexico
by Melanie Gerlis  |  26 November 2015
(via The Art Newspaper)

For its 14th edition, Art Basel in Miami Beach (3-6 December) is emphasising its “Americas” credentials, encompassing the length and breadth of its vast home turf. Noah Horowitz, who in July was poached fr om directing New York’s Armory Show to fill Art Basel’s new position of director Americas, defines the region he represents as “from Canada to South America”.

The subtle shift seems to be reflected in the varied list of newcomers to this year’s edition. Of the 11 new galleries from the Americas, relatively few (five) are New Yorkers. Three come from Los Angeles: François Ghebaly and Thomas Duncan in the Positions section and Hannah Hoffman in the Nova section, with a booth dedicated to new works by the Los Angeles artist Matt Sheridan Smith. Others come from San Francisco (Jenkins Johnson in the Survey section), Curitiba in Brazil (Sim Galleria in Positions with the local artist Romy Pocztaruk) and Mexico City (Arredondo\ Arozarena in Positions with the Mexican artist Fritzia Irizar).

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