epodium gallery presents Paul Valentin


Vanillery I+II, Munich 2015, HD Video

epodium gallery is now presenting the video works of Paul Valentin.

The so-called “Mise en abyme” or Droste effect, which can be observed by standing between two parallel mirrors was the trigger to this work. In the videoloop, the viewer experience a simulated camera flight, through a world of reflection and illusion. Precise and abstract moments happening in a tranquil atmosphere.

Vanillery I+II
The control and be controlled is central to the work “vanillery”. For this reason, the artist works, in this 10 min loop, with the aesthetics of computer games. Dramatic and ceremonial stands beside the intimate loneliness, that came from been foaled in a cryptical and artificial world. The program and the working space be like the process it self, a part of the story because it revolves around the blurred boundaries of virtual spaces.

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