Grimanesa Amoros x Veronique Gabai: L’OASIS-DESERT ROSE


A shared passion for light and fragrance sparked the collaboration between Veronique, a renowned perfumer, and Grimanesa. Upon their introduction, Grimanesa discussed with Veronique her challenge in identifying a specific, captivating scent she had encountered during her travels to desert lands. Unable to replicate the blend she had experienced mixing desert oils, Grimanesa described the fragrance to Veronique, whose extensive experience allowed her to skillfully identify the components within Grimanesa’s unique collection. This partnership resulted in the creation of L’OASIS-DESERT ROSE, a collaboration inspired by Veronique’s profound connection to the Mediterranean Sea and Grimanesa’s admiration for deserts. The alluring scent’s composition captures the essence of Huacachina’s golden dunes and the freshness of Mediterranean waves, taking you on an aromatic sensory journey that transcends geographical borders. Imagine the elegant coast of the French Riviera meeting the enchanting landscapes of Peru – that is the essence of L’OASIS-DESERT ROSE

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