Louisa Marie Summer: Group Exhibition in Istanbul

WATER / SU  | March 2-31 Mart, 2018 | OrjinSanat Galerisi, Orjin MASLAK İş Merkezi, Kat:-2
Açılış Kokteyli / Opening: 02.03.2018, 18:00-20:00
Space Debris’in OrjinSanat’ta başlattığı “Noise-Water-Meat” sergi serisinin ikinci serisi “Su”2-31 Mart tarihleri arasında Orjin Maslak’ta görülebilir.
Artists/ Sanatçılar: Zeynep Birced, Melis Bürsin, Sırma Doruk, Christian Hansen, Seyhan Musa, Alison Luntz & Katie Nadworny, Louisa Marie Summer, Ayça Telgeren

The exhibition “Water” reflects upon the notion of the phenomenon water memory and how memory itself is formed through diverse lenses ranging from personal to collective ones, featuring digitized and manipulated versions of ourselves, and utilizing the lexicon of nature and human physique with corresponding sound elements. The qualities of water is taken as a metaphor in creation of the works displayed.

The fourth century B.C.E. Greek philosopher Aristotle compared memorizing to making impressions in wax, and the belief that memories are copies of reality that a person stores and later retrieves has been widespread. In 21st century, we trust what our ‘smart’ gadgets store for us to ‘remember’ and to be ‘remembered’. In reality, much that is remembered captures the gist rather than the details of the original experiences, and we forget remembering is often a process of reconstruction, manipulated through the neural passages of our brain.

The works included in the exhibition re-visits and re-consolidates echoic (aural) memory tandem with iconic (visual) memory as a mental process, in a playful way, suggesting the tragedy of romantic memory in relation to personal and collective spatial instances.
“What has touched us on the surface and what we recreate to recall is translated here before your eyes to experience. “

Visiting Hours/Ziyaret Saatleri: Salı’dan Cuma’ya 11:00- 18:00, Cumartesi 12:00-17:00
Adress/Adres: Eski Büyükdere Cad. No:27 Maslak/Sarıyer  Istanbul, Turkey
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